41st Infantry Division

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The 41st Infantry Division in WWII

...the Jungleers.

Jack M. Anderson, in his book "Warrior...By Choice...By Chance" (WinePress, 1997), records the 41st Infantry Division departing San Francisco on March 19th, 1942, aboard the Queen Elizabeth, President Coolidge and the Mariposa. The Division arrived April 6th in Sydney, Australia. The mighty Queen anchored in magnificent Sydney Harbor.

Jack was a soldier in G Company, 163rd Infantry. He and others in G Company, and the 163rd, disembarked from the Queen Elizabeth via tugs and ferries and barges because the massive Queen was unable to dock at existing facilities. Not long thereafter they were on a train heading south through southeastern New South Wales.

There was a change of trains at Albury. A town that sits on the border of New South Wales and Victoria. The track gauges were not similar. Each state governed as it saw fit. Their destination was the small Victorian town of Seymour.

Before the year was out GI's of the 41st Division would fight the Japanese at a place called Sanananda.

By April 1945 Aitape, Hollandia, Toem Village, Wakde Island, the Tor River, Biak Island, Jolo Island, Palawan and Zamboanga City were places where the 41st Infantry Division had paused, conquered, then moved on.

The jungles of eastern Papua, Dutch New Guinea, the Shouten Island group, and the southern reaches of the Philippines honed the Division to a keen fighting edge.

Preparation for the jungle war to come took place at the town of Rockhampton located in Queensland just some 30-plus kilometers from the Coral Sea. The preparation paid big dividends.

After the fight for Sanananda, Tokyo Rose called them Bloody Butchers.

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